Outsourced Payroll Services

Small businesses may not have a human resources department. However, all responsibility usually rests with the financial and administrative affairs unit. Therefore, the implementation of existing legislation and practices becomes difficult. Therefore, there are various risks for businesses. It is possible to express that the problems in question will show a much greater increase and a more challenging process will begin with the gradual growth of the business. At this point, the use of payroll services offered by experts in the field will facilitate the work of the units involved in the business. In this way, all payroll activities will be carried out successfully and efficiently. This is only possible with outsourcing.

Peo Services

We provide PEO (Professional Employment Organization) Service, all around in Turkey as an umbrella company. In addition to employment services; we offer payroll outsourcing, temporary subcontractor services -acting as a sponsor party-, recruitment, relocation and many other client specific professional service designed according to needs.

We provide our clients a professional approach in PEO and payroll outsourcing services, not only in the metropole of Istanbul with a population of almost 20 million people, but also in projects established in all the other cities of Turkey. Within the scope of the services, we deliver our clients full compliancy in Labor Law, Social Security Law and mandatory Health & Safety measures.

As having great number of global and local clients, we have an excessive knowledge and expertise in the calculation of payroll for both local and foreign employees with the complex structure of Turkish regulation and legislation. We also provide consultancy on work permit application processes, since we cooperate with global clients and foreign employees.

HR Services

• Preparation and review of employment contracts in line with the Turkish Labor Code
• Preparation and review of employment guidelines, in-house instructions, and organization charts in line with the Turkish Labor Code
• Secure maintenance of personal confidential information, and provision of employee training assistance (e.g. Human Resource staff and managers) in relevant areas (relating to breaches of work discipline, termination of employment and the material liability of employees etc.)
• Complete management reporting and cost analysis
• Reports and analyses per department, team or other cost center
• Net-gross-total salary cost analysis
• Comparative reports per cost center per reporting period (monthly or quarterly)
• Work permit applications